A Knitted Winter Hat

Knitted Winter Hat

Needles:  0.9 mm (US size 5) (UK size 20)

Thread:  #80 Tatting Thread or Flower Thread 


You can use any color that you like.  Try variegated #80 tatting thread.  You’ll be happy with the results.  The Flower Thread will give you a softer, fuzzier look.  It is slightly larger than tatting thread.  The threads that I have pictured are as follows:  Handy Hands Majestic thread (peach); Lizbeth from Handy Hands (variegated pink); DMC (lilac); and Flower Thread (blue.)  It is my understanding that DMC has discontinued their #80 tatting thread so if you see any, buy it!   In my own humble opinion, I think DMC is the easiest to work with – it doesn’t tend to separate as much when knitting.  But I love Lizbeth’s colors!  There are so many to choose from and it is good quality thread.  I also like Handy’s Hands Majestic thread.  It is more like the DMC thread.  All 3 have my seal of approval.  The two samples shown have been knitted using Lizbeth variegated Ice Pink and Flower Thread blue.  You can see the difference in sizes.  I will use the blue hat on a larger doll – a teenager or an adult or a doll who has already been wigged and the pink hat on a toddler or young child.  I buy my tatting thread from Handy Hands and my Flower Thread from Ginnie Thompson.  Both have web sites and are very easy to work with.  Make sure you request a color chart from Handy Hands with your first order.  You can download one from Ginnie Thompson’s web site.

You may have to adjust the size a bit to fit your doll depending on the size of the head and how you knit – tight, even or loose.  I tend to knit tight (my type A personality.)  Also, take into consideration if the doll is wigged.  If so, the hat will have to be slightly larger.  I usually apply hair before the doll is wigged so that I can get a snug fit and then add curls, etc. around the hat.  It depends on the hair style.   The little boy’s wig (straight hair) was glued on before I glued the hat onto his head.  I used Flower Thread to make his hat.  The little girl’s curls were added after I glued her hat onto her head.  I used Lizbeth thread to make her hat.


Cast on 40 stitches.

Work 6 rows in K1, P1 rib.

Row 7-14:  Start with a knit row and SS 8 rows.

Row 15: *K3, K2 together* repeat until end of row. (32 sts)

Row 16: *P2, P2 together* repeat until last stitch.  K1  (24 sts)

Row 17: *K1, K2 together* repeat until end of the row. (16 sts)

Row 18:  *K2 together* repeat until end of the row.  (8 sts)

Cut thread leaving a long tail. Use a tapestry needle (has a blunt end)  to thread through remaining stitches,  transferring the stitches from your knitting needle to the tapestry needle.

Pull thread tight and use the same needle to sew up the back seam on the purl side.   
Weave in the loose ends.
Optional:  Add a little ball on the top of the hat.  
I like to use cotton balls.  I pull off a small piece, roll it into a ball, then glue it to the top of the hat after I have placed the hat on the doll’s head.  Colored cotton balls are hard to find but they are out there. I have some pink that I am hoarding.