Snowman Shelf


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I made the shelf from a kit by Dragonfly and painted it a pretty light green color.  The back was lined with a matching paper with 4 snowmen pictured on it.  The shelf holds the following items:  a tiny snowman made by Lori Potts, a snow covered branch with a cardinal and a large snowflake, and a tiny snow covered drum with an orange bird on the top.  There are 4 pegs on the bottom.  I knitted a child’s blue scarf and mittens and hung them on 2 of the pegs.  I also knitted a child’s multicolored sweater jacket and hung it on another hook.  All items have been glued to the shelf.  The entire piece measures 2-1/2” wide and approximately 2-1/2” tall from the bottom of the knitted items to the top of the snowman’s hat.