Santa Shelf


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I made the shelf from a kit by Dragonfly and painted it a dark green.  The back was lined with a matching paper with a cute Christmas scene pictured on it. The top shelf holds a clay teddy bear wearing a Santa hat and scarf and holding a candy cane.  The bear was made by Lori Ann Potts.  Lori Ann also made the red cup of milk with a Santa head on the front.  I made the dish of star shaped cookies and the peppermint candies and canes.  I then added a Christmas story book and a napkin with Santa’s picture on it.  Two stockings made by Clara’s Cuties are hanging from the pegs.  Now all we need is for Santa to come!  The stockings can be removed but all of the other items have been glued in place.  The shelf measures approximately 2-1/2” long and a little over 1-1/4” high (without the stockings.)  The stockings are about 1-1/2” long.