Antique Sewing Machine


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 A 1" scale antique Singer sewing machine, was made from a plastic Chrysbon kit, stained and detailed, is set up to be sewing an Edwardian wedding veil.  Stork scissors, an Edwardian pattern, a gold tin filled with ribbons, a spool of thread and a ribbon rose maker are on top of the sewing machine.  the veil is made from an ecru colored cotton netting and has been stiffened to hold its folds in place.   The machine is approximately 4" wide x 3-1/8" tall x 1-3/8" deep.  This does not include the veil.  There are no working parts on this machine.Also goes well with the Edwardian wedding dress on a mannequin (found in the clothing section under mannequins) and Rosemary (found in Adult Doll section).