Valentine Ice Cream Cart


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This item has already been sold.  Please allow up to 4 weeks for a special order.  This 1” scale tea cart is approximately 3” long x 2-1/2” deep x 3-1/2” high (including tops of candles).  The cart was painted a pretty pink with silver wheels and has a glittery top with a white lacy paper runner going across it.  It also has a smaller lacy paper runner on the bottom shelf.  A pink flowered towel hangs over the cart’s handle.  The top holds a variety of ice cream concoctions for two:  a 4- layer heart shaped ice cream cake on a pink cake plate with matching candles; a slice of the cake on a matching plate; a pink and white ice cream cake covered in chocolate, whipped cream and 2 hearts; an ice cream love boat, a dish of ice cream for two, a strawberry milkshake for two, two ice cream bars, and an ice cream  sandwich.  Each concoction is decorated with either roses or hearts.  There are also 2 spoons wrapped in colored napkins and decorated with white bows.  The bottom shelf holds 3 ice cream containers and 3 ice cream scoops.  What can be more romantic than ice cream and chocolate?