Miss Havisham


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Miss Havisham is a character in the Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations. She is a wealthy spinster, once jilted at the altar, who insists on wearing her wedding dress for the rest of her life. She is now old and still wears that same beautiful gown every day. She is a 1” scale, all porcelain doll, and is glued to her chair. Her wedding gown is now aged and yellow in spots but is still so pretty. It is covered with different types of lace and netting and she holds a small bouquet of yellowed roses. Her veil is draped over the back of her chair. Her long hair, now white, is held back with a white silk ribbon. The drapes and folds in her gown and veil have been stiffened. She wears long pantaloons and her boots have been painted white. She is approximately 4 inches sitting down. Her dress expands out to almost 7 inches at its widest. Her eyes are a pale blue and both her head and arms have been affixed into place.