New Products

Crawling Baby


Price: $98.00

This 1” scale crawling toddler has short blond curly hair and blue eyes. She is wearing a pretty knitted turquoise top trimmed in white with ... more info
Pine Bench


Price: $22.50

1” Scale Bench Sir Thomas Thumb made and signed this bench and stained it a pine color. It measures approximately 4-7/8 inches long, ¾ inch high, ... more info
Shelves With China


Price: $97.50

This beautiful 1” scale wall shelf was made and signed by Sir Thomas Thumb. It has 3 shelves and a decorative front. It measures approximately 2 ... more info
Baby Fairy


Price: $85.00

This little fairy decided to take a nap while waiting for her mom. She picked her favorite piece of bark to lie on. She has a lot of curly blonde ... more info
Filled Cooler - Red


Price: $25.00

A 1” scale red cooler is filled with the following items: ice, half of a watermelon, raw hamburgers wrapped in plastic wrap, raw hotdogs wrapped in ... more info